Here at Smart Play we have been providing educational programmes for schools as well as children and adult birthday parties for over ten years now.

•We are fully insured.

•First Aider always on site.

•All staff have a full CRB check done.

We are always looking to improve our programmes and parties, so please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know your opinions.

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Frith Manor Primary School, Lullington Garth, London, N12 7BN

Foulds School, Byng Road, Barnet, EN5 4NR

Monkfrith Primary School

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23rd July - 10th August 2018

Smart Play Camp


Smart Play designs and delivers 'smart' learning games programmes to schools and the private sector.

This is achieved by creating a variety of learning games packages designed around a multiple intelligence model.

The 'smart' games programmes are taught by professional teachers and coaches trained in the latest accelerated learning principles and teaching strategies.

Welcome To Smart Play…

We have over thirty different types of themed parties to choose from with the added bonus of mixing and matching to suit you the customer. We are extremely flexible and can design the party specific to your needs to make this the best party ever. Whether it is sport, Acting, Singing or Dancing, Circus Skills and Magic, Disco, or your favourite theme such as High School Musical we have it all.

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Smart Parties…

Activity Clubs take place during breakfast, lunchtime and after-school. Children are offered a variety of learning experiences through fun and challenging games. Activites include smart games, performing arts, creativity club, gymnastics, trampolining, fencing, martial arts, football, badminton, brain training and puzzle club, team building challenge games, circus skills, health and fitness fun games and much much more.

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Smart Clubs…

Creating a fun and relaxing environment where children can play together and have lots of new experiences is our intention. Our camps offer a wide selection of games and activities to encourage children to experiment, take responsibility, and develop there self leadership skills.

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Camp Kool…

Smart Play offers a variety of learning games programmes to schools and local authorities. These include PPA provision, Breakfast Clubs, Lunchtime Sessions, After School Clubs, Taster Sessions, Workshops, Special Events, Parent Support Groups, Coaching and Mentoring and Inset.

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Smart Parties & Smart Clubs…

Here at Smart Play we believe that children are smart in many different ways. By providing a variety of brain training challenges and puzzles, the children are given the opportunity to stimulate all areas of their intellect. We create an environment where the children can play, relax, and enjoy themselves through participation in the games, their smartness can be nurtured. This programme is aimed at years R-6.

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Brain Training & Puzzle Club…

Students are introduced to powerful learning tools which are fun, simple and effective. They will learn how to access their natural brilliance, discover their own personal learning style, learn to create the right learning environment for themselves, and develop all areas of their smartness. With these learning tools children become more confident and develop a positive self image.

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Coaching & Mentoring