• Relaxed Alertness: the children will be introduced to a variety of fun brain friendly learning games so that they are in a relaxed learning state.

• Gymnastics Confidence Building Games: the children will be introduced to a variety of core stability, stretching and movement games to music that are easy to learn and fun to play. These games have been carefully designed to help build children’s confidence and prepare them for the skills they are about to learn.

• Tumbling and Rolling: the children will be introduced to a variety of different rolling and tumbling skills and encouraged to practise these skills on a variety of different gymnastics equipment.

• Jumping and Twisting: a variety of different jumping and twisting skills will be introduced and the children are encouraged to experiment with different combinations using all of gymnastics equipment. They will be taught how to land safely and how to use the spring board correctly.

• Balancing Skills: the children will be introduced to a variety of balancing skills and encouraged to try these out on all the gymnastics equipment. A variety of challenge stations are set up for the children to test out their balancing skills.

• Introduction to Vaulting: this is a very exciting part of the session as most children have never experienced vaulting before. The children will have an opportunity to practice a variety of different types of vaulting skills to build on their experience and develop their confidence and self belief.

• Finale: at the end of the session children are given an opportunity to show off their new gymnastics skills using any of the equipment and receive a certificate for their achievement.

Gymnastic Day

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