• Relaxed Alertness: the children will be introduced to a variety of fun brain friendly learning games so that they are in a relaxed learning state

• Introduced to Safe Bouncing: the children will be introduced how to bounce safely at all times and also how to mount and dismount the trampoline in a safe manner. They will also be introduced to safe spotting around the trampoline and the importance of paying attention at all times.

• Body Posture and Shapes: they will learn the four basic shapes, straight, tuck, pike and straddle and learn how to combine these together in a mini bounce sequence. Emphasis will be on core stability at all times ensuring that all moves are performed from the middle of the trampoline

• Twisting Movements: the children will be introduced to the concept of twisting on the trampoline and taught a variety of half twist and full twist movement sequences. They will then progress to combining some of the basic skills with twisting combinations.

• Rotation Movements: the children will be introduced to a variety of rotation type skill development games to build their confidence up. The skills are taught in a step by step progression leading up to half and full somersaults for the more advanced students.

• Bouncing Practise: trampolining is a new skill for most of the children so there is a great deal of time given to the children to practise just bouncing and developing what they have learnt.

• Finale: at the end of the session children are given an opportunity to show off their new skills and put together a 5 and 10 bounce routine and receive a certificate for their achievement.

Trampoline Day

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